PRIMA WAY OF DOING BUSINESS Prima Deri's main production objective is providing the highest quality possible at a reasonable price without compromising its ethical and ecological responsibilities. Prima Deri uses the latest technology of leather production, continuously traces the latest trends in the industry and collaborates with the world-known chemical companies. We tailor our production organization accordingly with the needs of our clients. Although we are producing in large amounts, we are able to act flexibly and respond very quickly to the requirements of our clients as a result of our customer-oriented production culture. At Prima Deri, we bring the craftsmanship spirit together with our advanced production organization which is based on the latest technology of tanning and finishing. We view our customers as our long term partners and base our relationships on mutual trust. We work for building win-win partnerships with our clients through continuous cooperation. Since the date of Prima Deri's foundation, having confidence of our clients has always come before short-term profits for us and this has been one of the key factors behind Prima Deri's speedy growth.