Prima Raw Hide Selection Process
90% of our production is done using Turkish bovine hides. We purchase raw hides only from geographies which are defined as ‘the higher skin quality regions’ in the light of quantitative & qualitative indicators. A superior selection of bovine hides from these areas is provided by suppliers who fulfill the requirements set by Prima Deri.
Splitting from Lime
At Prima Deri all hides are split after our liming process with the aim of achieving higher grain quality.
Separation of Bulls and Cows
Prima Deri never mixes bull and cow hides. Bull and cow hides are separated during the raw hide unloading stage. Cow hides, which are employed for approximately 10% of our production, are used only for specific articles. Our clients are welcome to get information about whether the purchased article is produced using bull or cow hides.
Double-Phased Quality Control System
When the hides are in the state of wet blue, we classify them according to 5 quality levels. For production of a specific article we use skins from one or two of these quality segments. Each article is produced using the skins only from its own defined quality segment(s). In this way, we become able to keep the quality standard for all the articles we offer. A final session of quality control is applied after the finishing stage.
Quality Management System
An automated control system is employed in our tannery. Prima Deri employees are trained, encouraged and systematically supervised regarding the implementation of the Prima Quality Policy.
Excellence of Production
In our tannery we employ the latest technology of leather processing, we cooperate with world-known chemical companies and we benefit from the mastery of our experienced staff to realize our quality commitment.