• High variety of leather types are produced by skilled and experienced staff of Prima Deri in our 20.000 m² state-of-the-art tannery where we employ the latest leather processing technology with an automated control system.

• Strict local and European standards for work safety, health, and environmental protection are fulfilled in our tannery.

• Leather processing is a tradition dating back to hundreds of years ago in Anatolia. We continue this tradition with an innovative perspective. Phases of leather processing are carried out using a well-established computerized system in our tannery.

• Prima Deri's production organization, which is based on a customer-oriented understanding, makes possible to produce high volumes in a flexible manner. We achieve high speed production ensuring high quality output in the light of our technical expertise.

• Following the latest trends in fashion we continuously study new formulas in cooperation with world-known chemical companies. We develop new articles that answer the emerging needs of the markets we serve.

• We pursue continuous innovation for all stages of our production organization. We allocate a significant portion of our annual budget for purchasing the latest technology of leather processing with the purpose of increasing our competitiveness as well as reaching a higher level of customer satisfaction.