HISTORY OF PRIMA DERI Prima Deri’s history can be defined as “the steady growth since 1995”. In 1995, Prima Deri started finished leather production in its ex production facility in light of its founders’ deep experience of leather processing. Despite having a “not large enough” place for leather production, thanks to its very efficient production organization and the quality standard of its products, Prima Deri managed to become one of the most successful leather producers of Turkey. In short time, it reached recognition not only in the domestic market but also in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Israel. In the year of 2010 the decision for growth was taken. Prima Deri started to build the largest leather processing facility of Turkey. By 2012, the production was moved into the new 20.000 m² tannery where it became possible to triple the capacity of the old tannery. The new Prima Deri tannery started operating as one of the most modern tanneries in Europe with 1.500.000 m² annual finished leather capacity. Today, Prima Deri is exporting its leather to many countries in Europe, Asia and Far East besides having a strong presence in the Turkish market.